Why Should You Rely On O GENERAL Air Conditioners

From last 39 years O GENERAL is best selling air conditioning in U.A.E Dubai .There are latest models as well as old and all models are popular. “AC Repair Dubai” is the one of the best air conditioner sales & service company. We are in O GENERAL AC Sales from last thirteen years. We know that O GENERAL air conditioners are reliable, strong, and long lasting. No need to explain that O GENERAL air conditioners are the best in the market. That is why “AC Repair Dubai” is having proud to be a part of ”ELAPCO” group. O GENERAL air conditioners are cooling everywhere like flats, schools, offices, mosques, hospitals, villas and many more. Just give us a call at +971 50 658 7312 for O GENERAL air conditioner sales in Dubai or in U.A.E. These models are officel UAE models.

You Must Go With None Other Than O GENERAL

Now a days there are lot of electrical appliances and every appliance should be installed properly. Same like those appliances O GENERAL air conditioners also need installation in a proper way. If you are searching for an expert company so go with “AC Repair Dubai” We are having years of experience in supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of O GENERAL air conditioners. Our company AC Repair Dubai in UAE knows all about O GENERAL. We provide information to our clients after installing air conditioner. You should not worry about the warranty because we are here for you. You can contact us any time for Air Condition repairing, services and maintenance in Dubai U.A.E. Don’t worry you are going to select an excellent O GENERAL AC sales company.

Deal with us to avail benefits

  • Best sales services
  • Best after sales service
  • First year full warranty
  • Better price from market
  • Fully trained technical staff
  • Free delivery at your doorstep
  • Five years compressor warranty
  • Call us anytime for maintenance
  • Product information on installation

Solutions For All AC Problems Under One Roof

We provide services for AC ducting for ducted air conditioners. we have our own work shop to provide high quality services. It is good to have better installation work from the same company from where are you are buying air conditioner. Air conditioner is a sensitive equipment which can be damaged by wrong installation. This is why that we are saying that we know O GENERAL air conditioners more than any other company. We are fully confident that our company will satisfied you and provide you a standard.

Our Installation Prices

Four hundred (400/-) AED is the installation price of 1.5 and 2 ton spilt air conditioner. This price is up to five meters piping and without metal bracket (for outdoor unit). Five hundred (500/-) AED is installation price for 2.5 & 3 ton split type air conditioner. This price is up to five meters piping and without metal bracket (for out units).

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