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5 warning signs that shows you need an AC Repair Service

5 warning signs that shows you need an AC Repair Service

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Air conditioner, more than a luxury, has become one of the basic necessities to combat scorching summers. All of us want to enjoy incessant cooling; but as everything has to wear out one day, your AC, too, has to slow down eventually and that is when it needs a reconditioning. Some due to lack of awareness but mostly due to simply overlooking the fact that the AC requires time to time servicing to keep it running uninterruptedly, we miss the signals of call for a reconditioning. Look for these 5 unusual signs that your AC sends to you telling that now is the time that it needs a repair:

1. Unusual Noises

If your AC unit makes some weird noises like grinding, squealing and grating then there are pretty good chances that something is wrong with it. Once you are sure that the noise is not the usual you must straightaway call AC Repair Dubai to prevent any bigger complications.

2. Unusual Odor

If you smell strong unusual odor from your AC, it may be an indication of burning of insulation around the wire. On the other hand if you feel a musty smell, it is a sign that mold has grown inside the AC unit or may be something is not right with the ducts. At this moment you must seek AC repair assistance immediately, delaying of which may cause bad effects on your health and degrade your AC’s performance.

3. Unusual Performance:

If you feel that your AC is not performing well enough as it used to, for instance, even the lowest temperature set is not able to lower the room temperature, then this is a call of help. The repair person will let you know if it can be fixed or you need to replace the entire unit.

4. Unusual high utility bills:

If you are experiencing spike in costs of operating, then it is a sign of inefficient operation. The chances are likely that the condensing coil, which is located inside the outdoor unit, has accumulated a lot of debris and dirt.

5. Unusual water puddle next to the furnace:

While the AC operates normally, the unit generates moisture in the form of condensate. This water gets collected in a pan and flows out through a line either into a condensate sump basin or a floor drain. But when this water accumulates a lot, it leads to disconnection or blockage of the tube.
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Word of caution:

These above five signs that say your AC is crying for repair.

However, most of these can be prevented with proper AC maintenance and can delay the re-conditioning. But in case you have missed on these, just make sure to seek help from AC Repair Dubai to get the services on time so that your air conditioner lasts for a longer time while working at its fullest capacity.


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