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AC Repair Dubai for all your ducting needs

Looking to keep your indoor air clean and free of unwanted odors, dirt with appropriate ducting? AC Repair Dubai is the most renowned name in the realm of ducting and maintenance of indoor air quality. The multi brand servicing company has the expert team of professionals and ducting technicians who are extremely proficient at their work and function in an excellent manner to pay heed to issues relating to HVAC system. You can trust us also for cooker head and extractor fan ducting to deliver fresher and cleaner air in the interiors while eliminating stale air. The team excels in the following services:

  • AC repair
  • HVAC installation
  • Repair and maintenance service
  • Ducting
  • Chiller repair
  • Expert consultancy services

If you are looking for affordable duct cleaning services, you can take up HVAC duct cleaning from AC Repair Dubai. We are an ultimate solution to cater all your needs relating to cleaning the indoor air precisely. At AC Repair Dubai, we have all the tools and equipments to carry out the task in combination with state-of-the-art mechanism and latest techniques. With the assistance of advanced tools, we deliver tailor made, customized and much advanced services. We have the team of professionals comprising air filtration technicians, duct cleaners and expert air hygienists, building service engineers to produce timely and effective output. We aim at offering customized results to our cherished customers. All the professionals are certified by their quality certifications- ISO-9001:2008 and NADCA. The organization is thus worth relying upon for the kind of air quality management assistance it renders.

Duct cleaning services are dealt with 100% professional approach by the set of proficient technicians. Staff members use upgraded skills or expertise with respect to duct cleaning. To manage your air quality system indoors, you can choose us. At our firm, we believe that nothing is impossible in this world. Professional employees make use of utmost talent to deliver best cleaning results.

AC Repair Dubai: A certified Company

Having an aim to deliver performance driven air quality management services indoors, our company was established in 2002. Since the very inception of our professional firm, we have only delivered best quality services to the customers and comprehensive ducting solutions. Such solutions have set benchmark and thus our services are gaining global recognition. At AC Repair Dubai, our technicians or staff members are poised with vast experience, proficiency and enthusiasm to offer much improved indoor air quality. Our proactive team delivers air management quality services at budget friendly rates and as per the needs of our customers. You can gain access to innovative techniques blended with the sure shot or advanced cleaning solution from us. In fact, our duct cleaning is not just confined to Air Conditioner duct cleaning but our professionals can also deal with exhaust fan duct cleaning, laundry ducting, water tank cleaning and can also perform a series of indoor air quality test. You can only expect to get highly reliable, cost effective and professional cleaning solutions matched with your needs.

Since our inception, we have catered to various industries and to the varied needs of our clients. With our active services, we have built a sort of integrity in the entire market in terms of quality oriented services and best prices. Being the leading air management company, we have now attained newer dimensions that have resulted to the launch of different service branches.

Our Services

  • Air Conditioning Duct cleaning is the foremost ducting service offered by us. Here we eliminate all the dust and dirt from your air conditioner or air duct system. Human exposure to dirt and air pollutants is hazardous and thus we help you deal with air contaminants and air pollutants generated normally in the home or office like dust particles, chemicals, smoking odors, pollens, air borne particles.

  • We remove grease, dust and offer kitchen exhaust duct cleaning assistance. So, if grease has accumulated in fans, ducts, vents, hoods of kitchen exhaust system, you can get in touch with us. Our professionals will first scrape clean the surface and then wash it off with safe caustic chemical of food grade. Then, pressure washing is done and the residue is rinsed away. With decades of experience in kitchen exhaust fan cleaning, we offer excellent cleaning solutions to improve the air quality.

  • Laundry duct cleaning is something which you cannot avoid. If you ignore the vents or the laundry duct, it can be hazardous. Your dryer unit can turn off automatically if there is dirt and even the loads will consume more time for drying. We specialize in duct access and inspection, removal of lint from the system. To save on the energy bills, it is must to consider laundry duct cleaning.

  • We also offer indoor air quality testing inside the building structure. Since indoor air is far more polluted, your very inhalation of polluted indoor air can bring about breathing problems. We can test the air and then devise suitable measures.

Apart from the above mentioned services, AC Repair Dubai also offers infrared thermography inspection, duct leakage testing and many others. So, immediately get in touch with us! www.acrepairdubai.ae

AC Duct Fabrication

Ducts are used in ventilation and air condition (HVAC) to deliver or distribute air. Ducts commonly deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air. As such, air ducts are one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort. Ducts are very important in central air conditioning. We provide best services in ducting works with warranty. We have a vast experience in designing, making, fabricating, supplying and installing of ducts. Two kind of ducts are used now a days which are as follows.

Galvanized steel (G I):

Galvanized mild steel (G I) is the most common material used in fabricating ductwork. For insulation, metal ducts are lined with faced fiber glass blankets. This will usually have an inner perforated liner, then a 1-2″ layer of fiberglass insulation to reduce of air noise.

Our contracting services are mainly related to Ducting, Central Airconditioning, Ventilation System, Duct Installation; we execute projects for Air Cooling, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, HVAC, etc. We are having expertise in the erection and commissioning of ducts. With our remarkable service providing capabilities, we are involved into various duct fabrication and duct erection consignments of some of the renowned market players of the field.

We boast of professionally qualified technocrats, and a sound infrastructure for the production of superlative quality air ducts, air conditioning ducts, rectangular ducts, machine fabricated ducts, ventilation ducts, hvac ducts, air cooling ducts, exhaust ducts, and allied products. Due to unmatched product quality as well as our efficient services, the company has, today, built up a massive market base even at the international level. We have easy market connectivity in the worldwide industry, which has always helped us to outsource the client’s requirement well on time.

Pre insulated (P I):

Aluminum ductwork is lightweight and quick to install. It is coming in pre insulated sheets. Custom or special shapes of ducts can be easily fabricated in the workshop or on site. The ductwork starts with the tracing of the duct outline onto the aluminum pre insulated panel.
The parts are then typically cut at 45°, bent if required to obtain the different fittings and finally assembled with glue. Aluminum tape is applied to all seams where the external surface of the aluminum foil has been cut. All internal joints are sealed with sealant. This is most common method of ducting now a days. And we offer ten years warranty of this kind of ducting. We are in ac duct fabrication from last thirteen years. We are have Command in ac ducting. Because of our highly trained duct fabricators. We can help you in all kind of ac duct fabrication.

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