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AC maintenance and cleaning

AC maintenance and cleaning – what to expect from a company?

Maintaining good indoor air quality has turn out to be the foremost matter of concern in Dubai. We all focus on enjoying uninterrupted, clean and cool air an AC unit produces. We completely overlook on how repeatedly it must be serviced and cleaned.

Air conditioner unit is one of the imperative parts of a building whether it is residential or commercial. AC maintenance and regular servicing is vital for the comfort and well-being of the people living in these buildings in Dubai. Because of humidity in the air, many pollutants including pollen, dust and animal furs mount up in the filters and ducts. When it is overlooked, it causes growth of molds which finally set off various health issues including asthma symptoms, allergic reactions, skin allergies and more. In order to avoid all these troubles and have an energy efficient AC, you surely need a reliable AC Service company.

What you expect from AC maintenance and cleaning company?

A good company always gives foremost priority and values to their customers. Once you contact to a company and send your request or query, a technician will be sent to you to diagnose and inspect your AC unit. In some cases especially during peak season they may schedule a visit in a few days. But what is most important is to get back to you as quick as possible. Depending on the condition of AC unit, the technicians give an estimate time along with a price for a particular job.

Ac repair

The cleaning and AC maintenance process involves various steps including mist diffusion, filter cleaning and more. Reliable experts always focus on using eco-friendly and safe chemicals to clean different parts of the AC and to remove molds. Bio-sanitizers are used to remove microbes and germs from filter, ducts, condenser and more. Make sure the AC repair and cleaning company in Dubai you are working with does not use any chemical based sanitizer to kill harmful allergens and germs because it can cause health hazards.

The technicians ensure that all the furniture of house and assets in office are covered during the cleaning process. Different parts of the Air condition are removed to clean the ducts, grills, drip tray and other components. After proper inspection and cleaning, they fix the components back to its place. At times, it is required to replace some parts like air ducts and filters, etc. Depending on package or service you have selected, the technician may charge for that part.

Once the maintenance and cleaning is done, technicians are supposed to prepare a final report that includes the details of work they have done. You should keep these reports carefully to show them to the technicians on next visit. After complete cleaning and proper maintenance, you will notice a considerable difference in cooling, air flow and air quality. You will get a fresh, germs free and healthy environment to live in.

Pay heed on regular AC maintenance and cleaning

Regular duct cleaning and timely ac maintenance Dubai is must for the health of your family as well as employees. It is wise to start inspecting ducts, filters and notice the air flow by your own. If you feel something is not going well, ask for specialist’s advice. Don’t compromise with your comfort just to save a few pennies on regular AC maintenance.

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