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Air conditioning companies in UAE and your Energy Bills

Air conditioning companies in UAE and your Energy Bills

During hot days of summer, AC looks like the most pleasant and valuable advent of modern technology. But, high energy bills can be a reason of stress for many. No doubt, comfort of family is the priority but you can’t spend your fortune to keep your office or house cool throughout the year.

Many people think turning the air condition off is the best way to control energy bills. In a country like Dubai, where temperature is constantly warm around the clock and moisture level is high in the peak reason, turning your system on and off frequently make it work harder and ultimately it cost you a lot. If you are interested in educating yourself on how to save energy in summers, you are here at right place.

AC Maintenance in Dubai

Make sure efficiency of your AC unit

There are many issues that can hamper the efficiency of your air conditioner unit. Regular wear and tear makes it function inefficiently. If the AC is working harder, you will be spending more on electricity bill. To reduce energy bills and maintain comfort inside the house, ensure that your AC unit is good at its job. Let a reliable air conditioning company inspect you AC unit at least two times in a year. Regular ac maintenance Dubai ensures that your appliance is running at maximum competence.

Focus on the filters

Clogged and dirty filters slow down the AC and put force on it. Dirt, airborne particles and dirt, etc. may back up into your ductwork causing further ineffectiveness. Therefore, the filters must be cleaned or replaced according on regular basis. Clean filters maintain the air flow and make the AC work smoothly, that result in lower energy bills. Change the filters according to the specifications of the manufacturers. You can easily find filters for your AC in the market. Cleaning and changing the filter is an easy job but if you don’t have time, let a technician to it for you.

Set up programmable thermostat

Many people overlooked but thermostat setting is an important thing that influences the performance to a great extent. It allows keeping the environment cool even when you are sleeping and away for about 3 hours. Although programmable thermostat is an expensive addition but it can help to save a good amount of money every month. Some thermostats can be controlled using your smart phones and allow efficient temperature monitoring.

Manage the temperature

The temperature of the AC must be adjusted according to the current weather conditions. Normally, the temperature must be set according to the manufacturer’s specification. Even a small adjustment in the thermostat can increase or decrease the energy bills. Ask one of the best Air conditioning companies in UAE about the ideal thermostat setting and enjoy ultimate coolness without increasing AC bills.

Seal the blinds

The sun warms things up adequately, which is great for cooler weather. In Dubai, if your home obtains lots of afternoon sun, you will desire to close the shades. If the sun warms up a room where thermostat is placed, it can lead a fake reading that is warmer than the actual room temperature. This results your air conditioner to go more than required actually. Try to keep the thermostat in dark space to keep it cool. You can also use solar screen or window films to close the blind. This way, you can cut off solar energy in a good amount. Try this tip to make the house cooler and reduce the energy bills.

Choose insulation

A well insulated house or office can be kept cool with little efforts. If the space is not insulated, cool air can be dispersed into the nearby areas. Basically, you need cool air in and warn air out to keep a space cool. You should check the windows and associated seals to check the insulation quality in the home. Call an expert to check the insulation especially if your house is more than five years old.

Form Shadow

Plant some trees outside to keep the things cooler in your house. Some shadow and darkness decrease the temperature and decrease the energy bills. You can save up to 10% on your monthly energy bills using this tip. However, it should be done with care. Don’t block the airflow in the local area.

Trust AC specialist

Hiring one of the best Air conditioning companies in UAE is the finest solution to the spend summers with ease. Enjoying summers in Dubai without a properly running AC is next to impossible. If you are not using your air condition because of high energy bills, you should consult an AC specialist. Keeping the AC off is not the right solution; in fact it causes pressure on the AC that can affect the performance, speed and life of the appliance. In order to cut the electricity bills, you have to act smartly. There are various tips that can help you to reduce the energy bills without turning off the AC anytime.

Heating and air conditioning cost contribute a lot in your electricity bills. It does not make sense to spend your hard-earned money when your air condition can provide maximum cooling without enhancing the electricity bills. By keeping the AC in good condition throughout the year, the energy consumption can be controlled noticeably. Because of busy schedule and other reasons, it is not possible to inspect and clean the AC by your own. This is where an AC technician comes into the picture. Being a smart AC user, you should hire one of the most reliable Air conditioning companies in UAE to resolve all the issues related to AC. The technicians can offer protective maintenance, cleaning and set services. Also, the experts offer emergency repair services as per the requirements of the clients.

Call Ac Repair Dubai Air Condition System for professional services and regular maintenance. The company is proudly serving the clients all across Dubai with high-end AC maintenance, AC repair, AC Ducting and AC installation services. Make a call or drop a mail to schedule a check-up today.


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