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Are you concerned about the indoor quality? It has been proved in various researches of health organizations that indoor air is even more polluted in compared to outdoor air. The facts and figures suggest that it has become vital to ensure that air of your house and office is clean and fresh to breathe in. We all spend most of the time indoors and we should focus on each and every detail that can make the indoor air dirty.

Air conditioner is one of the most important sources to develop and spread various diseases through air. The reason behind is transfer of infections hauling microorganisms and molds is straightforward through air. This is why AC filters and duct cleaning is considered a necessity for healthy and fresh environment inside the house or office. You may or may not know but air pollution is ranked among top 10 health risks. Here are some reasons that make the air quality poor.

  • The movement of microbes, germs, molds and more
  • The accretion of carbon dioxide in clogged rooms
  • Bad odors including body odor, stink of drinks, food and smoking, etc.
  • Damp smells
  • Molds

How to clean the AC?

Generally, people assume that low refrigerant is the reason behind poor cooling inside the house. But, this is not the case always. Often, air condition units and ducts are incapable to deliver the cold air when the compress and evaporator coils are blocked. Dirty parts of an AC make it harder to function and ultimately it reduces the life span of different parts of the air conditioner unit. But, you don’t need to be worried about anything when professional Cleaning and ac repair service Dubai is available for you. If you are in Dubai, you can easily get quality services for your expensive device.

Air maintenance Dubai

Air condition repair

However, if you want you can clean up the filters and ducts of your device on your own using some simple and effective tips. Here is a guide on how to clean the AC –

  • First take away the trim pane or plastic filter box, which can be separated
  • Remove the trim pane and box from the window. It is a heavy part so you need to do it with care using right techniques and tools.
  • Take out the case and casing by removing the screws. Keep the screws carefully and keep in mind points of screw because you need to reassemble it again after cleaning.
  • After regular usage, cooling fins can be bent and it interrupts the air flow. While cleaning the AC, the fins must be straightened using a fin comb. You can also use butter knife or similar object to do this job. But, it is good to buy proper tools according to the AC to fix the issue.
  • Clean the coils with care using right product
  • Vacuum the noticeable dirt
  • Scatter the coils with the cleaner
  • Clean the blades with a rag
  • Filters are important parts of the AC where dirt and germs can be accumulated. You can replace or clean the unit as and when required
  • Accomplish a pre-deal test to discover whether there is a pour out and how big it is.
  • Use plastic suds to stick down record and drive in spray sealant
  • Once all the break out means are clogged, the sealant will settle on the outflow cracks
  • Carry out a seal test again to ensure that any leakage point is not there

These simple steps can be performed at home if you have all necessary tools and equipments.

Don’t neglect regular AC cleaning and maintenance

AC service must be a part of regular home ac maintenance routine for every house owner. It is recommended to clean the AC two times in a year but the frequency may vary according to many factors. If any of your family members has certain allergies or asthma, the AC must be cleaned more often. The best way to keep your AC clean in Dubai is protective maintenance. Don’t wait until it’s fairly late, call AC technician for inspection and necessary cleaning just before the starting of summer. If any renovation work is going on in your house or there is any leakage in the pipes, you should call a technician for thorough cleaning.

Advantages of regular cleaning and maintenance

Routine ac maintenance Dubai, inspection and serving of air conditioner system are part of home maintenance as it is associated about your comfort and relieve. If your device stops working, it will not only make your house uncomfortable to live but also lead expensive repair and even you may need to replace the AC. Here, are advantages of regular cleaning and maintenance –

Save on money – Making certain that your AC system is running at top competence has become all the more significant which the high energy bills now-a-days. AC duct cleaning is one of important part of in general maintenance. If can assist you to save money in energy bills and enhance the life of cooling and heating system.

Improved home hygiene – Regular cleaning and maintenance is must to maintain the hygiene inside the house and office. It will reduce the amount of household dust in that way making it easier for you to keep your home dirt free. The experts take out even invisible dirt from different parts of the house.

Improved health – Better air quality results in better health. Fresh air that is free from pollutant offer better health to the employees and family member. The risk of allergies and asthma can be avoided with regular cleaning in Dubai.

Increase re-sale value – When you are planning to sell your property, clean air conditioner improve the overall re-sale value of a property. Clean and properly working air conditioner system creates a positive impact on the mind of potential buyers. So, if you are planning to se-sale your house, pay heed on your air conditioner system to impress the buyers.

With the intention of availing all the above mentioned advantages, it is must to hire a reliable AC cleaning service provider. Ac Repair Dubai Air Condition System is a right name you can trust on for punctual, specialist and protective AC maintenance service like ac installation Dubai, ac ducting Dubai, ac repair Dubai.


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