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You are in good hands with us because we are the best in central air condition services, central air condition maintenance, central air condition installation and central air condition repairing.

We have professional and highly trained engineers and technicians. We will never let you down in summer. All air conditioners (indoor or even outdoor) needs annual maintenance just like any other aspect of your Ventilation system. If it’s broke down then nobody can survive in that area where this ac was cooling. But there is no need to worry about because we are always ready to help you on just one call. Even you need one time service or you have annual maintenance contract with us.

We have experience of thirteen years in central ac maintenance and repairing services. We enjoy our work by doing it in a professional way. We are in chiller maintenance and repair services, FCU maintenance and repairing services, AHU maintenance and repairing services, FAHU maintenance and repairing services and Package ac maintenance and repairing services.

We provide central ac repairng services in meadows. We provide central ac repairing services in jumairah village circle (JVC). We provide central ac repairing service in jumairah village triangle. We do central ac repair in springs. We do central ac maintenance services in Arabian ranches. We also do central ac maintenance in palm jumeirah. We do central ac maintenance services in dubai marina, central ac maintenance in greens, central ac repair in juumairah beach residence (JBR). We do central air condition maintenance in springs. We do central ac maintenance in lakes. We do central ac maintenance in jumairah lake towers (JLT). We provide central ac maintenance services in greens along with central ac maintenance in sheikh zaid road and surrounding, DIFC & jumeirah

We undertake services like FAHU maintenance, AHU maintenance and FCU maintenance. Also undertake all kind of duct work which is related to central air conditioner and chilled water pipe line either its new or any kind of central ac repairing. We have specialized technical teams to replace HVAC heat exchangers, like condensers and evaporator coils along with chiller shells.

Additionally, we have professional teams to take care of chiller installation, package ac installation, split ac installation. We can provide complete central air conditioner solution. We supply industrial chillers with first year full and three years compressor warranty. Act now and call us now.

The temperature conditions in Dubai are unbearable and no building can function well without a proper central air conditioner system. Now when there is a central air conditioner unit in a building, there are bound to be chances that the air conditioning system can get damaged. In lieu of this, you need to rely on a reliable company that will provide the best service and repairing facilities when the air conditioner faces some problem. At AC Repair Dubai , we have a team of skilled technicians who will be taking care of each and every problem that your air conditioner faces and will make sure that the system works properly again.

Why us?

If you are still not sure, why to hire our services, here are few of the some reasons:

  • Exceptionally high performance
  • Highest customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Skilled and experienced technicians at work to do all the repair work
  • Repair visits scheduled regularly if you have opted for our AMC
  • Best in rates and affordable and nominal services
  • We believe that if we deliver the very best to our clients, they will come back to us and this is the same motto we have worked for years and will be working on the same for years to come.

    Central Air Conditioner Installation

    If you are planning to get your residential or your work place fitted with central air conditioning system, then you need to rely on our expert services. We have done the installation of central air conditioning systems in many buildings of Dubai, which makes us the leader in our time. With a large team of skilled technicians, your installation work will be done with ease. After the complete installation of the air conditioning system at the commercial or residential building, our team will be checking the entire system and its functioning. Only once our team is satisfied will they leave your premises.

    Central Air Conditioner Repairing

    With an entire building having central air conditioning system, there are chances of repairs which might be needed. To avoid unnecessary problems, you can sign up for an AMC, the Annual Maintenance Cover, under which you will be charged less also and regular visits will be scheduled by our team as well. When our technicians will be checking the central air conditioning system regularly, there are less chances of getting any problem in the AC. All rooms with respect to the central air conditioning will be checked as well to ensure there is no problem anywhere. Apart from that, the main area will also be checked regularly.

    Our expert services for you

    Whether it is central ac installation, repair or anything else, our expert services for you are available all the time. We have a team of skilled technicians who will be taking care of each and every aspect, right from the air conditioner installation, to servicing and repairing as well. If you want to know more about our expert services, you can check our website. Our team of experienced technicians will be happy to answer any and all of your queries pertaining to central air conditioning. So don’t wait more to give us a call and get installation or repairing services done.

    Comfort of the customer

    Since we believe that the comfort of the customer is our top priority, we always give the first time central air conditioning installation with 1 year warranty against all the services. Our team of technicians are HVAC certified. Whatever is your problem, our technicians have the skills and experience to take care of your repairing problems. The air conditioning system will use minimal energy hence your total energy consumption will be quite less, thereby not generating lot of bill.

    Regular maintenance and upkeep of the air conditioner

    The regular maintenance and upkeep of the air conditioner increases its life and helps the air conditioner perform better. Hence, instead of calling our technicians only in case of a problem or emergency situation, it is better to go for regular maintenance checks of the ac.

    Emergency services

    We offer our emergency repair, services to all our respectable clients, through our emergency helpline number. This is only applicable in cases if your ac broke down, in that cases we are always available for you. We will provide you our emergency contact number so that if you have faced a troublesome situation with your air conditioner at odd hours, our technicians will come and repair the ac. Since most of the A/C repair companies do not offer such facilities, hence we are the most reputed AC installation and repair service provider in the area.

AC REPAIR DUBAI is the Perfect Solution for Your AC Heating & Cooling

for all of your HVAC maintenance, repairs and service needs. We’re always ready to serve you!