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Burning hot days are the norm when summer is in full force. That indicates that your air conditioner has been operating over time, mainly if you prefer to stay inside and relaxed. Of course, it’s best to have a professional inspect the unit, check the ductwork, and ensure it works efficiently for some air conditioning systems (like central AC). However, if you have a portable or window air conditioner, you can undoubtedly clean and maintain it independently without paying for maintenance or a new system. Here’s how to clean air conditioner, whether central air or a window device. Additionally, look at these simple AC maintenance Dubai tips and techniques to keep yourself safe from the summer heat.


 Cleaning an Air Conditioner: Steps to Take

Turn Off The Power Source

Please remember to turn off the electricity to your air conditioner before you start cleaning it. Cleaning an air conditioner while operating is risky and should be avoided. Find the service panel on the exterior compressor or condenser to cut off the power. Near the unit, there is usually a shut-off box for this. We advise turning off the system at your breaker box if you have difficulty locating the service box.

Replace Or Clean Your Air Conditioner’s Filters

Sanitizing or changing your air filters is the first and most crucial in cleaning your air conditioner. Replaceable or reusable filters for your air conditioner are kept in the furnace or air-handler cupboards inside or close to the end of the air-inlet side. It’s crucial to clean or replace your air filters twice a year, or whenever they get clogged with dirt, hair, or dust, to maintain proper air movement.

AC Condenser Coils Should Be Cleaned

Remove the side and upper panels, also called the protective grilles, from the condenser unit to clean the air conditioner condenser coils. Depending on the component needed, either a screwdriver or a nut driver can be used to accomplish this. Remove the side panels from the device by unscrewing them. Avoid tugging at any wires connected to the fan as you lift off the top, which might be heavy.

The wires should only be cleaned with extreme caution. Be careful not to distort the delicate coils or fins. If the fins bend, a “fin comb” can be used to realign them. After cleaning the exterior, hoover the interior of the AC condenser coils.

You can spray on an industrial air conditioning coil cleaner from the inside to eliminate obstinate grime and debris from the condenser coils. Don’t spray the fan or any other electronic parts, please. A hose with a trigger-style nozzle can force dirt from the inside of the device out of the coils. Avoid flooding the device, bending the fins, or spraying water on the electrical components by covering them with a plastic trash bag.

Clean and Remove Condenser Debris

The next step for cleaning the air conditioner is to remove the leaves and debris from the condenser’s base. Make sure to empty any materials from the drain if the air conditioner condenser has one.

Use a vacuum and rag to clean the blower’s fan blades thoroughly. After that, tighten any slack mounting fasteners. If the fan motor has oil ports, add a few droplets of thin oil or WD-40 to the ports. Clean up any extra water inside the appliance. Reassemble the condenser after you’ve done cleaning the air conditioner. Eliminate any weeds, branches, or vines that might obstruct the condenser unit’s ability to circulate air.


Examine the Refrigerant Lines

Foam insulation is frequently used to protect refrigerant pipes from energy loss. These refrigerant pipelines run from the air handler’s evaporator coil to the condenser outside your home.

When you clean your air conditioner, check the insulation on the refrigerant lines for damage and AC repair it if necessary to increase system efficiency. The refrigerant pipes should install a foam insulation sleeve as the first step in resolving this problem. The refrigerant pipes can also be taped with insulation if you prefer.

Check The Air Conditioner

Turn on the power to the condenser once you clean the central air conditioner. You can start by turning off the temperature in your house. Then, switch on the electricity at both the main panel and the disconnect box. Finally, turn the switch to the cooling setting to turn on your air conditioning.

Importance Of Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Regularly how to clean air conditioner system is crucial for maintaining its performance and extending its lifespan. A dirty AC system can lead to multiple problems, including reduced energy efficiency, decreased air quality, and even risk of hazardous bacteria growth. Here are some of the reasons why cleaning your AC system is essential:

A dirty AC system can struggle to properly maintain temperatures, causing the system to run longer than necessary. This can lead to increased energy usage and reduced performance and comfort. Regularly cleaning your AC system can prevent this and reduce your energy bills.

A dirty AC system can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, such as mould and mildew, which can affect air quality and cause health problems, such as allergies and respiratory issues. By regularly cleaning the system, including the filters and coils, you can eliminate these germs, improving the air’s cleanliness.

In addition to being unhygienic, mould and mildew can cause wear and tear on your AC system, leading to premature breakdown and increased repair costs. By cleaning your AC system regularly, you can prevent the growth of these germs and protect your system from unnecessary wear and tear.

Your air conditioner will eventually develop problems if you run it constantly without cleaning it. One consequence of allowing dust and debris to accumulate inside your unit is that the evaporator coils won’t be able to disperse heat, which can result in overheating problems effectively. A further issue with filthy units is that they frequently develop unsightly ice build-up, further obstructing airflow.


Maintaining and how to clean air conditioner can increase their lifetime and result in significant long-term financial savings. To go one step further, cover your air conditioner with plastic during the autumn and winter and secure it with a rope or bungee cords. After cleaning your unit, if your air conditioning is still not functioning correctly, call a qualified technician immediately.

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