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How to keep indoor air quality clean and hygienic?

How to keep indoor air quality clean and hygienic?

Offering safe, clean and healthy environment to family and employees is the top most priority of every home and office owner. You may or may not know but the indoor air pollution can be even more hazardous than outdoor pollution. Therefore, you have to put some extra efforts to ensure that indoor air is free from all pollutants like pollen, dust debris and more. Regular household and office cleaning and proper ventilation is must to let the fresh air come it and dirty air out. But, it is not sufficient enough. You should focus on some sources that make the air poor. Air conditioner is one of the common source of air pollution if is not cleaned and properly maintained. As AC throws air that is circulated throughout the house, germs, dust and viruses, etc. can be transmitted seamlessly. These germs and molds are enough to make you ill. Now, the question is what the solution is and how can you purify the air of your house.

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Invest in a branded AC and keep it in good condition

AC is not a luxury but an obligation particularly if you are in Dubai. Is it the time to replace your old AC? Are you planning to buy a new AC because you just shifted in a new house? If yes, you should be very careful while selecting a right AC. Air Conditioner Price in Dubai is increasing rapidly but with a little research and homework, a branded AC device can be purchased at really affordable price. Ac Repair Dubai Air Condition System is a reputed company where you can find a wide range of window ACs, Split ACs and Central AC units. The experts can help you to select a right AC for your house and office. Also, they can install the AC at your place.

Your responsibility does not end after installing the AC it must be kept in perfect condition. After regular use, dust, animal’s furs and debris particles are accumulated in the air duct and filters that motivate the germs, viruses, allergens, irritants and moulds to growth. The moulds grow very rapidly and interrupt the airflow. Accumulation of moulds and germs can introduce various allergies, asthma and more diseases. It can affect the immune system and is really dangerous for kids and sick people inside the house. Routine maintenance and cleaning is the only way to avoid the chances of accretion of moulds and germs inside the AC. Ac Repair Dubai Air Condition System has a team of skilled AC technician who can ensure that your AC is clean and producing fresh and healthy air only. It is highly advisable to prefer annul maintenance contract to ensure maximum efficiency and fresh air.

Tips to overhaul indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is one of the hottest topics of discussion now-a-days. While outdoor issues are often visible like haze, smog and smoke, etc. issues in indoor air quality overlooked. But, it is trigger to various health issues. Here we are sharing some tips that can help you to improve the indoor quality.

Proper ventilation

In Dubai, many people shut their houses and offices. If you are using an AC, it may be fine bit if it is not, various debris are entrapped inside with you that invite mold when you trap damp air. It is must to carry on the air moving using fans and make sure your filters are dirt free. The filters must be replaced according to specifications of the model of the AC. Clean the air conditioner duct and filters and replace them whenever required.

Ventilation is really essential when you are cleaning and some home renovation work is going on. Many people don’t recognize that the chemicals that keep your house clean can pollute the air quality. Polishes, floor cleaners and bathroom cleaners, etc. can annoy the lungs. For this reason it is essential to use eco-friendly products to clean the house or to keep the air ventilation proper.

  • Use HEPA filters

If your AC system allows, use HEPA filters. Buy installing disposable filters the AC air quality can be improved in your house and office. UV filters and UV purification system can also used in place of normal filters to minimize the amount of pollutants in the air. If you are using HEPA filter to reduce pollutants, you are supposed to check the sources like dust mites and pet dander, etc. These stuffs inhabit into regions like carpets and pillows, etc. By using defensive shields, the accumulation of debris can be avoided. Don’t think about air conditioner price in Dubai, focus on the quality and pick a branded AC so that you can use disposable filters.

  • Ventilate gas stoves

Nitrogen dioxide is one of the dangerous gases that can lead air pollution. If the ventilation of your kitchen is not managed, nitrogen dioxide can be accumulated in the house. You must have an exhaust fan or chimney inside the kitchen to avoid this risk. The exhaust fan can help you to dissolve the noxious gases, smoke and unpleasant smells.

  • Go eco-friendly – plant some trees

There are many reasons behind poor air quality and regular attention is required to overhaul indoor air quality. But, there is a simple and effective way to improve the air quality – plants. Yes, some plants can improve the indoor air quality. Having some plants brings so many benefits to the family members and employees in the office. Opt for some selected plants for your office and house. It will not only improve the look of your space but also attract positive energies. You can even plant some trees in front of your house and office to contribute in keeping the planet green and improve the air quality.

Some people think that the air quality of their space is fine because employees of their office are not taking so many leaves and family is not suffering from any breathing issue or allergies. If you are one of them, think again. Many energy efficient building are well trapped with toxins that are used to clean the floor and tiles, etc. Give some time to ensure that everything is fine indoors.

Don’t forget to call Ac Repair Dubai Air Condition System for annual AC maintenance Dubai and cleaning services to overhaul indoor air quality.


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