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How to opt for the right AC and get the most from it?

How to opt for the right AC and get the most from it?

In Dubai, the summer pledges to be a scorcher and there are only a plenty ways you can redirect it. If have a tight budget, a fan is the only option you can have. But, it can’t save you from harsh hot weather. Cooler is another option but it brings humidity that make the condition even worse. So, the best option you have is – air conditioner.

A perfectly maintained and smart air conditioner system can get you through the stifling months contentedly and if you know what you want exactly in an AC, it can be even easy on your wallet. Don’t even think about buying an old or second hand appliance as it can lead to high electricity bills. Investing in an energy efficient and brand new air conditioner is a smart solution to spend hot weather conveniently.

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Measure the space to be cooled

When it comes to purchasing an AC, determine the capacity you need. Measure the room or office space where you need to install it. You need 20 British thermal units per hour for every square foot. It does not make sense to save money by investing in a low capacity AC. The higher the Btu, the more cooking capacity the AC has. A powerful AC can cool a larger area. Invest in an AC that can make the space cool efficiently. The weather condition is another important factor that must be considered while selecting the capacity. Some websites put AC for sale in Dubai and assist the clients to determine their needs. You can use calculators to check the capacity according to the space.

A unit with low power will not be sufficient to cool your room while an AC with more capacity than your needs will also create some discomfort and lead you to switch on and off the AC. This will wear out the appliance and can reduce its life. Before starting your search for air condition for sale in Dubai, determine this fact.

Choose between a window, central unit or wall AC unit

When you visit an AC showroom or website, the supplier will ask you what type of AC you need. Window and split are two famous kinds of AC units that are used in offices as well as houses. Window AC unit are cheaper and easy to set-up. But, split AC units offer better air distribution and are installed on walls. Split AC systems come with two units, one unit is installed inside while the other one outside. You may need to make some changes in the house and it can be an expensive affair for you. The outdoor unit of split AC must be installed carefully so that air is not blocked. Moreover, the water or moisture should be drained out appropriately. Compressor is the most essential part of an AC. Usually there types of compressors are used including rotary, scroll and reciprocating. Reciprocating is used in small sized AC units but creates noise. Rotary units are compressed and less noisy. Scroll compressor is quietest and most competent among all. Depending on the budget and specific requirements, you can check and select the compressor.

Pay heed on indoor air quality

Filter is another important part of the air conditioner that must be cleaned and replaced according to condition and usage. Dirty filters and blocked filters can spoil the atmosphere and indoor quality and can lead various health issues and allergies. The filters of the AC must be easily accessible so that they can be cleaned with ease. Now-a-days, many companies offer electrostatic filter that clears dust mites and germs, etc. It is a great selection for those who are sensitive to some specific seasonal allergies. These smart filters remove dust particles, bacteria, and germs, etc. Pay attention on this factor when you are looking for AC sales in Dubai. You may need to pay a bit extra for this feature but it will help you to get fresh air and hygienic atmosphere inside the house.

Make sure the AC can control humidity

Apart from cooling the air, AC needs to control the humidity in the air. If humidity level is not controlled, it is not possible to get desired comfort even when the AC is throwing cool air. An AC unit must be features with a dehumidifier which reduces humidity in the air that results in comfortable atmosphere. Noise level is another important factor you can consider while making a selection.

Compare the Energy Efficiency Rating

Check the start rating of different AC you have short listed. According to the energy consumption and other features, electrical appliances by rewarding one to five stars. A unit with higher rating is more expensive but consumes least energy. Compare different models of different brands in regards of start rating and select the most suitable product depending on your need.

Focus on special additional features

AC companies are offering new air conditioners with various smart features. Some air conditioners are offered with remote controls that allow you to adjust the setting with ease. Timer is another smart feature that helps you to set the power level for different times of the day. You can use it to cool the house before reaching your home after work. It is suggested to pick an AC unit designed with an adjustable thermostat. A sleep mode of AC is an attractive feature that allows you to enjoy sound sleep.

Get professional advice and feedback

Before making a final decision about an air condition unit, get professional advice. Moreover, you should read the reviews and testimonials about a particular model. Use reliable sources to gather information about AC as it is an important investment. In addition, you should check the complaints previous users have filed to get a better idea. No need to mention that you should choose a brand that has gained trust of clients already. You can ask for advice to your friends, family members and colleagues, etc. about the AC if they have purchased one recently.

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