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How to keep indoor air quality clean and hygienic?

How to keep indoor air quality clean and hygienic?

There is no need to suffer through harsh hot weather when energy efficient, modern and easy-on-pocket air conditioner units are available for sale in Dubai. The days are gone when AC was considered a luxury. Now, it has become an essential part of comfortable and healthy lifestyle. If you are in Dubai, you must invest in a right AC to get ready for the hot days. With the introduction of high-tech technologies, energy-efficient attributes and healthcare advantages, customers have become smarter and they have a huge assortment of brands and products to select from. Today’s modern clients are aware about their necessities.

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Most of the AC manufactures are engaged in launching five star rated air conditioners that are outstandingly designed with value-added characteristics keeping in mind environment and market of Dubai. The experts pay special heed on health conditions, climate patterns and other specific requirements while designing AC units for clients in Dubai. Apart from offer cooling the atmosphere, modern appliances are equipped with so many features including humidity control and air refinement, etc. that allow you to enjoy your summers conveniently. At the same time, modern AC units control the seasonal allergies and serious epidemics. As the market is jam-packed with so many, it can be somehow tricky to opt for the best AC. Here we are discussing about some important factors that you should consider while selecting an AC this summer.

Capacity – An AC must have capability to keep your house and office cool. The capacity of the AC must be well thought-out according to the floor size of the space for which the AC is required. Generally, it is believed that 1 ton capacity is stuffiest for 120 ~140 Sq. ft. area. But, for 150 ~180 Sq. ft. and 180 ~240 Sq. ft. area, you should pick AC with capacity of 1.5 ton and 2 ton respectively.

Energy competence – Money matters for all. Everyone wants comfortable and cool environment inside the house and office. But, it is vital to keep an eye on pockets so you would not end up going broke. You can’t compromise with the comfort, but investing in an energy efficient AC system, you can control your energy bills. Now-a-days, AC units come with energy efficient rating that can be measured and compared with stars. An appliance with more stars will confuse a smaller amount of energy in compared to lower star rated AC. You must have a budget for AC but it strongly advised to invest in high start rated appliance to lower your energy bills.

Split, window or central AC unit – Depending on the usage, building size and budget, you can use a perfect type of AC. If it is about a large sized building, central AC unit is the right solution. For those who have limited budget, window AC can be a good option. Split AC units are good for office as they don’t produce any sound and looks good. Different types of AC units for sale in Dubai are available, consult to an expert and opt for the most suitable one.

Cost – Deciding the cost should be the first job you should do before start your search. The cost of an AC depends on features and brands. If you will choose a 5-star rated AC, you have to pay a really good amount of money. Though, it is important to stick on a budget but remember air conditioner is an investment not an expense.

Filters – The role of an air conditioner unit is really great in improving indoor air quality. This appliance circulates the air inside the house and if it is outfitted to state-of-the-art filters, you can get fresh and clean air. Some units are designed with good filters ensure clean air and prevent the choking of evaporator coil due to dust.

Easy installation – An AC should be installed with care professionally. Every type of AC has some specific installation methods. A window air conditioner is designed to be set up to the windows while split AC comes with a compressor that is placed outside the house. Make sure the AC you are going to buy can be installed at your place with ease. Moreover, don’t try to install the AC by your own. Call a skilled technician for professional installation. Often even a good AC does not work efficiently because of bad installation.

AC Maintenance – Just like any other machine, an air conditioner needs regular servicing and care. Without proper air condition maintenance, you can’t get most out of it. Gather all the details about maintenance and service center, etc. The company you are selecting must be able to offer really good services. Some companies offer some free services to attract the clients towards Ac for sale in Dubai.

Speed – Normally, air conditioner system comes with adjustable thermostat and about two cooling speeds. According to the usage, space and weather conditions, you can choose the speed of the fan. It is always recommended to use the AC on energy efficient settings that will help you to get desired cooling without exceeding the energy bills.

Post sale service – When you are looking for Ac for sale in Dubai, you should focus on reputed and service oriented brand that can offer good after sale service. It does not make sense to buy a low-priced AC and then spend servicing and maintenance. Post sale services should be good so that you can get immediate assistance when there is something wrong with your AC. Dream Cool Air Condition System is a reliable company that is serving the clients in Dubai with custom AC repair and maintenance services.

Additional features – Look for a reliable brand that can offer some additional features. Some air conditioning unit comes with special features that control the humidity in the air. Sleep mode, programmable thermostat and auto restart are some important features that you can help you to make a well-informed decision.

Dream Cool Air Condition System is a leading company that offers AC sales in Dubai. Here you can find a large range of smart AC for your house and office. Visit the website today to more.


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