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Seasonal allergy and Air Conditioning Companies in UAE

Seasonal allergy and Air Conditioning Companies in UAE

Spring means flower buds and blossoming trees and if you have seasonal allergies it brings sneezing, congestion and other worrisome symptoms. Itchy throat, watery eyes, runny nose and congested sinuses are some common and miserable seasonal allergies. To keep seasonal allergies under control and purify indoor air quality, you can try some simple strategies.

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Did you that your air conditioner unit can act as your best buddy in improving the indoor air quality and minimizing seasonal allergies? During the summer, the level of pollen and spores is increased in atmosphere that sets off various allergies. It is an appropriate time for molds and germs to breed and grow. People who have allergies try to stay indoors. For people who are living in hot climate in Dubai, it is must to keep the indoor air temperature cool and manage humidity level indoors. A well maintained and cleaned AC system can ensure comfortable atmosphere and can keep the allergies under control. Air Conditioning Companies in UAE highly recommend regular ac maintenance Dubai, Ac repair, and ac service to the users especially when someone has seasonal allergies.

What are the reasons behind allergies?

Allergens are the sources of allergic reactions and generate asthma symptom and other health issues among people. People who are sensitive to the pollen and germs that can be discovered in the air have what is recognized as seasonal allergies. Moreover, mold, dirt and animal dander can cause allergies. Even some insects like cockroaches can also cause allergies. Many people are allergic to cat and dog furs and dust mites. The cause of allergies may vary according to the temperature and humidity level in the atmosphere.

How can Air Condition help to avoid the risk of seasonal allergies?

In hot weather conditions in Dubai, you need a perfectly air conditioner maintenance to live comfortably. Apart from offering cool air, an AC can help you to control the indoor air quality which can minimize the risk of seasonal allergy. Air conditioners make the air cool and circulate it throughout the house to sustain the temperature. When you keep the windows and doors shut and don’t allow the outdoor air comes in, it controls pollens and dust particles to enter inside. Apart from cooling air, AC unit helps in reducing the amount of humidity indoors that prevent mold to breed and grow. In order to avoid seasonal allergies, the temperature and humidity level must be set on a right level. Air Conditioning Companies in UAE pay special attention on the settings of the AC at the time of installation. The AC must be set on a particular temperature according to the specifications of the manufactures. The technicians check the settings when they visit for AC cleaning and maintenance.

Routine maintenance is a necessity

Most air conditioning companies in Dubai claim that AC can play a significant role in the improving indoor air quality. But, if the AC conditioner is not cleaned and maintained regularly, it can be a source of various allergies. Yes, you read it right. It is really unfortunate but true that people invest in expensive and branded air conditioners but they overlook the importance of regular cleaning. It is essential to keep the AC units clean to ensure that they are circulating clean and pollutant free air. Filters and air ducts must be replaced or cleaned regularly. Dust particles, furs or pets and debris, etc. are normally collected in the filters and if they are not removed, molds can accumulated inside can make the air really dirty and unhygienic. In fact, dirty filters make the AC work harder that affects the life and performance of the AC.

It is advisable to choose one of the most reliable air conditioning companies in UAE and go with routine maintenance to keep the AC in good condition. Your technician can guide you on how to keep the AC maintenance to make the indoor cleaner.

Comfortable and hygienic environment to live with AC

Living in Dubai especially when the mercury is on peak season can be uncomfortable. The situation can be even painful for people with allergies. Luckily, many reliable air conditioning companies in UAE are there to offer you cleaner and hygienic atmosphere in the house and office. In order to remove all debris and dust mites, etc. and ensure efficiency, it is essential to hire a certified and skilled AC maintenance company in Dubai. It is great to choose AC maintenance contract to enjoy fresh and germ-free air throughout the year. A properly maintained unit can help you to get relieve your allergy symptoms.

Is there any other way to control allergies?

Apart from keeping your AC in good condition, you can control seasonal allergies using some simple strategies. The best way to avoid the risk of allergies is to eliminate the source of allergen. The allergen substances are found in carpets and finishing, etc. Therefore, carpets, rugs and other furniture items must be cleaned on regular basis. Normal vacuum cleaning is must but a professional cleaning company can be hired for through cleaning of your house or office once or twice in a year. Here is another important thing to mention that some cleaning products are toxic and can pollute the air. Make sure you are using eco-friendly cleaning materials or take care of the ventilation during the cleaning. After thorough cleaning and renovation work, the AC must be cleaned.

Moreover, it is required to control the pests inside the house or office. Don’t allow cockroaches to grow inside the house. Cockroaches do not only cause some seasonal allergies but cause some other health issues. Keep your house clean and if required consult to a pest control company to eliminate cockroaches, flee and other pests from the house. Probably we all know the importance of trees and greenery but unfortunately most of us don’t plant any tree. Plants can help you to reduce the indoor pollution that ultimately helps in controlling various seasonal allergies. Plant some trees and add make it a part of home decoration to avail a plenty of advantages.

Pay special attention on indoor air quality and avoid the risk of seasonal allergies!


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