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Understand your AC and save a lot!

Understand your AC and save a lot!

Improving air quality in the house is one of the paramount concerns of every home owner in Dubai. In the hot weather condition, there is no doubt why mould complaints in both domestic and industrial air conditioners are on the rise. If your main concern is to clean the AC your focus should be on hiring an AC Service company in Dubai. An air conditioner is one of the most vital aspects of commercial, domestic and industrial buildings. The maintenance and functionality are essential for inhabitants of these constructions. Over time, contaminants including dirt, pollen, and animal fur, etc. tend to build up in air duct and other parts of the system. This causes the expansion of bacteria and mould within the AC system and duct and it brings out asthma attacks, respiratory diseases and allergic response more.

Moulds and Air Conditioner Cleaning service providers

There have been numerous occasions when people have complaints about the growth of molds in their air conditioner that started with the seasonal change. AC molds are approximately always allergy causing and grow in ducts and filters.

Air maintenance Dubai

Air condition repair

Unfortunately, there are many companies that do not succeed in put right this issue. In some situations, people contain that they are getting what they are expecting from the company they have hired. There have been situations where people have complained about the expansion of mould in their AC.

Earlier, people contact to the AC repair technician when they notice the growth of moulds in the AC. But, some unprofessional just set the thermostat of the system to a particular level and wait for the downfall in the temperature. Often, the technicians told that the building is having short of dehumidification systems. Polluted air is really dangerous for kids and those who spend most of the tifme in their house. Dirty filters and ducts trigger allergic reactions or asthma among the household members and employees of the offices. In some worst condition, health experts often advise families to shift to a new location. Nevertheless, that is something not possible for everyone. Also, many people can’t afford it.

Building construction and Air Conditioner Cleaning Service Providers

According to various researches, newly built buildings are one of the common reasons behind making the air conditioner dirty. Poor design and rushed construction lead this issue. In Dubai, there are so many buildings that are not able to deal with hot weather condition. However, the trend of green technology in construction and design is growing in recent years. The green technology helps to ensure the improvement of indoor air quality. According to some research results, experts suggest that some buildings remain very moist even when the temperature is low. Moisture is another reason behind mold growth and it worsens the indoor air quality.

When the growth of moulds begins to grow, they start to breed and reproduce into the colonies all through the system. After that, they are discharged into the surroundings and ultimately breathe in by occupants of the construction. This is why air conditioner needs regular care, ac maintenance, ac service, ac installation and ac repair Dubai. It is important to ensure that you are getting finest AC cleaning and ac maintenance services in Dubai so that you can provide fresh air to your family even when the construction and design of the building is poor. Contact to a trustworthy company that can provide superior quality maintenance and cleaning services in Dubai.

Health of your family and Air Conditioner Cleaning Service Providers

For people who have sinus related issues, mould are the biggest health hazards. The inhalation of moulds can make the health condition poorer and can lead various other diseases. Various moulds can lead to the decline the immune system leading to various health issues. If you are noticing any sign of moulds, you should take it seriously. There are some signs that indicate that air quality of your house is not clean.

There are some symptoms like cough, congestion, fatigue, headaches, runny nose, nasal congestion and more that indicates that something is wrong with the air you breathe in. In some cases, eye irritation and difficulties in concentration are noticed because of various germs in the air.

If any of your family member is suffering from allergies like asthma, chest tautness, breathing issues and coughing, etc. moulds can make the situation even worsen. It is also proven that infants and aged people recover late if fungus and dust is in the air. Moist and dump areas offer perfect envelopment for moulds to grow up. Therefore, it is must to hire an air conditioner service provider to avoid all the potential issues.

Air conditioner cleaning – make it a part of home maintenance

When it is about home maintenance, don’t overlook air conditioner cleaning. Pay heed on AC ducting work and filters. Having clean ducts and filters ensures that you are getting fresh, clean and hygienic environment inside your house. Also, it ensures that you are getting maximum proficiency from your expensive device without enhancing the energy bills.

Air duct system has many components and these parts must be cleaned properly. Dust, dirt, pollen, debris and moulds not only make the air quality poorer but also reduce the life span of the AC. It makes the parts work rigid to offer maximum coolness that ultimately enhances the chances of total breakdown and costly repairs. Sometimes, it becomes hard to recognize but air duct system is the cause of so many health issues. Therefore, it is a necessity to hire an AC cleaning service provider who can deliver the best services as per your expectations. When you are hiring a professional company, you can expect several advantages including –

  • Reduce housekeeping costs as it does not pump dirty air into the occupied space
  • Increase productivity in the office and reduce the chances sick leaves and absenteeism
  • Increase indoor air quality by avoiding the accumulation of debris and fungus, etc.
  • Reduce the energy bills and extend the life of an AC system

Select and call an expert company to do this job for you. Make sure the company you that you select is well-outfitted with all kinds of specialized equipment and skilled staff to carry out this specific process with perfection.


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