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Understand your AC and save a lot!

Understand your AC and save a lot!

Saving cost on AC unit is not so tricky, but what is important is how you do it. During summer season in Dubai, everyone wants to stay cool inside the home. However, it is a major component of monthly bill and we have to keep a watch on our pocket. Staying comfy is crucial but it shouldn’t end up on making a hole in pocket.

Potential repair and regular servicing are not enough your AC unit requires thorough Ac service frequently throughout the year even when the AC is not in use. Routine check-up means saving your expensive device from developing more serious issues that results in saving extra cost ultimately.

Most of the people have a tendency to put off many errands. At times, people are unable to line up those errands efficiently, which sooner or later results to awful issues. The same applies to AC system. Just like any other appliance or machinery, AC is made with so many components that work as a unit to circulate cool air. But if any of these components is not functioning as it should be, the whole unit ends up getting affected.

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Air condition repair

Understanding an AC unit

In order to minimize the expenditure on AC repair and to make it energy efficient, it is essential that you identify with some basic components of air conditioning system. It has 3 basic modules – Line set, Evaporator and Condenser.

> Line set is fabricated with two padded tubes of copper, which hold and control the refrigerant between evaporator and condenser.

> Evaporator directs the refrigerant the oil of the unit where the cylinder amplifies in span. In simple words, it manages the amount of refrigerant ingoing the loop.

> The condenser controls the entire function.

If any of these elements stop working, your AC will also crash.

Regular cleaning is important

How often you clean your AC unit? If it is not the part of your schedule, you are likely to face trouble in near future. An AC is something that works 24*7 to keep a house comfy and cool. To keep enjoying the comfort during summer season in Dubai, it must be cleaned at least once in every three months. It does not only help to avoid the risk of sudden breakdown and costly repair but also improve the quality of air. Mold growth and allergens in the air make the health worsen and it also causes high medical bills. Regular cleaning ultimately controls this extra expense.

Maintaining fresh and hygienic environment is critical for the well-being of people. Whether it is about a home or office, it is crucial to ensure that indoor environment of the building is favorable for everyone. For overall well-being, it is important to consult to doctors and get some health check-ups. Likewise, regular cleaning and inspection by a technician is must for AC units. It is great if you can do something to keep the AC clean but it is always recommended to hire a professional for AC maintenance. It will well worth your investment in long run.

Is your AC not working properly? Are you not getting enough cooling? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, consult Ac Repair Dubai Air Condition System for professional advice and help.


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