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An important part of an air conditioning system is the compressor. In order for the air conditioner to operate properly, it keeps the refrigerant moving through the system. The air conditioner will cease to function if there is a compressor issue. Discover common problems with your AC compressor by reading on. The last thing you need when it gets hot outside is for your air conditioning system to fail. An essential part of the air conditioner, the condenser fan transfers heat from the condenser coil to the outside air.

Is your fan going yet your AC compressor isn’t? There are several problems that might stop your compressor from working. These problems can range in complexity from those that are ‘simple to solve’ to those that may need a certified AC Repair Dubai Technician to come and have a look.

Why is my AC fan running but my compressor not?

Let’s start by examining what may cause your indoor fan to run while your AC compressor unit is not operating as your AC system has two fans. Later, when your outside fan is operating without any issues, check into what could be preventing your air conditioner’s compressor from operating.

If your air handler fan is functioning normally but your AC compressor isn’t, keep an eye out for the following.

Inspect the air handler

If the condenser fan on your air conditioner isn’t working, you should first check your air handler unit. The majority of furnaces and AC air handlers like AC Maintenance Dubai have a little flashing light on them. The unit’s control board is linked to the indicator light. The indication light’s job is to show whether the HVAC system is functioning properly. For instance, a light that flashes constantly signifies that everything is okay. If the indicator light on your air handler is flashing in a certain pattern, something is not operating properly.

Every HVAC AC Service Dubai equipment has a distinct set of flashing codes, so you’ll need to go to your handbook to figure out the code.

Issues with the Power

Your AC compressor not working is frequently caused by power and electrical-related problems. The absence of your compressor and the condenser unit is a blatant indication of a power problem. Start by verifying the following things to troubleshoot and resolve power issues:

Make sure the air conditioner circuit breaker is not tripped by checking. Reset the blown fuses. You must contact HVAC AC Repairing Dubai experts if the breaker trips once again.

Let’s say the disconnect is removed. A disconnect is a little gadget positioned close to the refrigerant lines on the wall of your home. It functions as a switch to turn off the electricity to your condenser unit whenever you need to.

A fan capacitor check

The condenser fan of an air conditioner won’t function if the fan capacitor is faulty. Unsurprisingly, a faulty fan start or run capacitor will also set off a circuit breaker. So how can AC Repair in Dubai tell if the fan capacitor in your condensing unit is damaged? Find out them in the following mentioning’s.

Cut off the condenser’s electricity

At the circuit breaker, shut off the electricity to the condensing unit and disconnect it. The circuit breaker is located within your home, at the breaker panel. The disconnect switch is located next to the condensing unit on the side of your house. Utilize a voltage detector to ensure that the power is off.

Thermostat wiring issue

It is possible for a thermostat with improper wiring to stop telling your HVAC system to cool down. This can be the cause of your compressor’s malfunction. AC Maintenance in Dubai checks the wiring of your thermostat by removing it from the wall. Make sure a jumper is present between the R terminal (power for cooling) and the R terminal (power). Your compressor won’t start cooling if the R terminal is not attached.

The settings of your thermostat are another thermostat issue that could interfere with your compressor’s operation. AC Service in Dubai thermostat needs to be set lower than the ambient temperature for the AC compressor to begin operating.

Examine the motor overload reset switch

Some fan motors for AC condensing units have thermal overload protection built in. What does thermal overload protection do? Your motor won’t burn out thanks to thermal overload prevention. Usually, an electric motor will overheat when it has a problem.

The thermal overload switch will trigger if the fan motor becomes too hot. The fan motor will cease operating when the thermal overload switch triggers to prevent it from burning out. The majority of fan motors for AC condensing units include an automated thermal overload reset. AC Repairing in Dubai implies that when the thermal overload trips, there is no need to manually reset it because it will do so after it has cooled down.

Final Words

Try our advice in this tutorial if an ac compressor is not operating but the fan is running. But it’s preferable to hire expert assistance if you’re unable to identify or resolve the issue.

AC Installation Dubai also suggests scheduling routine maintenance for your air conditioning equipment. Scheduled maintenance is possible in the fall and spring. This will guarantee optimal system performance and shield you from unanticipated issues. Gratitude for reading.

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